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Consultancy in Lean/Six Sigma Programmes

We provide expert consultancy in the areas of Lean and Six Sigma programs. These standards will help you improve your business by allowing it to adhere to international quality standards.

Aaron Benson has a Masters in Lean/Six Sigma Systems has extensive experience of Lean Systems particularly in large automotive suppliers.

In Ireland, Enterprise Ireland offer grants to help with the introduction of Lean. Contact us here for more details.


Comparing Lean to other operational improvement processes involves comparisons of efficiency, cost reduction, as well as output.  Lean is concerned with eliminating waste or non-value added tasks from a business to enhance value for the customer. This is achieved through identifying and eliminating any activities which do not provide value to the end customer. Lean is a culturally based, customer-focused continuous improvement methodology.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a brand name given to a programme that improves organisation competitiveness. It comprises a mix of:

  • Large-scale programmes
  • Design projects
  • Process improvement projects
  • Supplier development programmes, and
  • Training programmes to enhance teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Six sigma process improvement projects are managed according to a five-step Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control cycle.

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We provide expert consultancy in the areas of Lean and Six Sigma programs. These standards will help you improve you business by allowing it to... Read More

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